Dr. Young Suh Kim | Professor Emeritus | University of Maryland

Young Suh KimUpon graduating from high school in his native South Korea, Dr. Young Suh Kim sought a bright career for himself in the sciences and pursued his studies in the United States. Driven by his dream to meet and talk to Albert Einstein, he earned a Bachelor of Science in physics from the Carnegie Institute of Technology, now known as Carnegie Mellon University, in 1958. He went on to achieve a Doctor of Philosophy in physics from Princeton University in 1961, where he went on to serve as a postdoctoral fellow for one year. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Kim was invited to teach at the University of Maryland by John S. Toll, chairman of the department of physics. From 1962 to 2007, he excelled as an assistant professor turned full professor of physics at the institution in College Park, Maryland. In 2007, he attained emeritus status after 45 years of impeccable contributions.

Devoted to research and development, Dr. Kim is the author of “Observable Gauge Transformations in the Parton Picture,” published in Physics Review Letters in 1989. Likewise, he has co-authored numerous works and has been a contributor of books and articles to professional journals. In 2019, he co-authored “Poincare Symmetry from Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Relations” in Symmetry, “Einstein’s E=mc2 Derivable from Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Relations” in Quantum Reports and “Mathematical Devices for Optical Sciences.” He also co-authored “New Perspectives on Einstein’s E=mc2, Applications of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity” in 2018, “Physics of the Lorenz Group” in 2015, “Phase Space Picture of Quantum Mechanics” in 1991 and “Space-time Geometry of Relativistic Particles” in the Journal of Mathematical Physics in 1990. In the 1980s and 1970s, Dr. Kim contributed to “Theory and Applications of the Poincare Group,” “Gauge Transformations as Lorentz-boosted Rotations” in Physical Letters, “Representation of the Poincare Group for Relativistic Extended Hadrons” in the Journal of Mathematical Physics and “Covariant Harmonic Oscillators and the Parton Picture” in Physics Review D.

A member of the American Physical Society, Dr. Kim attributes his vast career success to a strong high school background in Korea before arriving to the United States. Throughout his career, he has most enjoyed contributing his research to publications and working with bright-minded individuals. He credits his mentors, Paul A. Tirac and John S. Toll for their constant motivation and inspiration. In five years’ time, Dr. Kim still hopes to be writing his books on Albert Einstein and improving his mathematical abilities with Eugene Paul Wignor. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and meeting interesting people, as well as spending time with his wife, son and two grandchildren.

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