Affiliations (Memberships): American Physical Society


Creative Works: Co-author, “Poincare Symmetry from Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Relations,” Symmetry (2019); Co-author, “Einstein’s E=mc2 Derivable from Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Relations,” Quantum Reports (2019); Co-author, “Mathematical Devices for Optical Sciences” (2019); Co-author, “New Perspectives on Einstein’s E = mc2, Applications of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity” (2018); Co-author, “Physics of the Lorenz Group” (2015); Co-author, “Phase Space Picture of Quantum Mechanics” (1991); Co-author, “Space-time Geometry of Relativistic Particles,” Journal of Mathematical Physics (1990); Author, “Observable Gauge Transformations in the Parton Picture,” Physics Review Letters (1989); Co-author, “Theory and Applications of the Poincare Group” (1986); Co-author, “Gauge Transformations as Lorentz-boosted Rotations,” Physics Letters (1983); Co-author, “Representation of the Poincare Group for Relativistic Extended Hadrons,” Journal of Mathematical Physics (1979); Co-author, “Covariant Harmonic Oscillators and the Parton Picture,” Physics Review D (1977); Contributor, Books, Articles to Professional Journals

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